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Auckland Data Recovery Services

Auckland Data Recovery Services

On occasion we must give the unfortunate news to our customers that their beloved device has come to the end of its life and is no longer worth investing any more money into. We find when we give this news to people that their next biggest question is, what about my precious data like my Photos, Videos and Documents and can I get it back?

Data Recovery advice is purely given on a case by case basis as there is many factors to think about such as, How damaged is the item? Does it still power on? Has there been any water exposed to the device? However we do find that the majority of the time we are able to successfully perform our Data Recovery services for our customers.

Here are some of the examples of situations customers have been in where our data recovery services have helped them;

• Computer / Laptop Not Powering On
• Broken / Cracked Laptop Screen
• Corrupt Computer from Virus / Malware
• Microsoft Windows Not Loading
• System Won’t Detect USB Flash Drive
• System Won’t Detect External Hard Drive
• Deleted / Corrupted Files

What Should I Do Now?

We suggest that if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or something similar to power down the device straight away and tuck it away, so you have the best chance of minimizing the possibility of doing further damage to your data.

The team appreciate that your data can be very valuable to either yourself or your business so we try our best to provide a prompt solution without compromising the quality of the work as to do the best possible job at retaining your much needed Data. For our customers who just simply cannot sacrifice precious time waiting we have a after hours service available for Data Recovery when things have become urgent.

If you would like to speak to us now regarding this service head over to our Contact us page for more details.

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