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Affordable Ex-Lease Computer Packages

We are excited to let everyone know that we have dived head first into the sales and supply of A grade ex-lease desktops and laptops. All of our ex-lease computers have been thoroughly tested so you can relax knowing you are getting a trusted device at the fraction of the cost of a brand new machine.

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Ex-Lease computers are computers that have been temporarily leased by a business and then sold on within the 12 to 24 month range. Various different suppliers of ex-lease computers offer different grades of computer conditions, however here at Computer Repair Specialists we only offer A grade condition machines. See below for the standards you can expect to see from our A grade machines.

  • 100% Tested and Working
  • Very Good Physical Condition
  • Occasional Slight Marks on Case
  • Physically Clean and Free of Dust
  • No Signs of Wear or Fade

A brand new computer is by no means cheap so before making any decisions we welcome any of our potential customers to call and make an appointment with us to inspect one of of our Ex-Lease machines at any time to see if we can provide you with a better deal.

Our customers regularly ask us what sort of things these devices can perform so we have made a list of the things these devices will power through with no issues;

  • Checking Emails
  • Skype & Chat
  • Itunes / Youtube
  • Facebook / Instagram
  • Browsing TradeMe
  • Internet Banking
  • Netflix / Streaming
  • Microsoft Office
  • Business Tools
  • General Web Browsing
Desktop Packages - All of our desktop packages come with a LCD monitor, Keyboard & Mouse and all required cables. For those who are looking to make the computer wifi enables we charge a small fee of $12 to add wireless. Please let us know if this is a requirement so we can have the wifi adapter installed prior to you making the purchase.

Laptop Packages - All of our laptop packages come with a fully functioning battery and charger. We have a range of performance upgrade options available on our Ex-Lease laptops if you really want to see some impressive speeds. Call us today and have a chat if this sounds like something you might be after.

Due to this being a new feature we are offering we don't have the full list available on line of our stock yet. However you can see below the specs that are commonly found on our ex-lease computers and laptops;
  • Intel Processors (Core i3, i5, i7 & i9)
  • Microsoft Windows (Both 10 and 11 available)
  • Memory (Available in 8GB & 16GB & 24GB)
  • SSD Disk Drive (256GB, 512GB, 1TB)
  • DVD / CD Multi Drives
  • USB 3.0 & 3.1 Ports
  • Webcam & HDMI Out

If you are located in the West Auckland area we will provide with you with one of these affordably priced devices and even come out to your home or business and set it all up for you. If this sounds like something you may be interested in head on over to our Contact Us page and grab our details.

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